Key Stages 1 & 2

We can offer a flexible approach to training in primary schools. All authorities offer six session courses which are run fortnightly over 12 weeks in a central venue. Alternatively whole school training can be delivered over half or full days. Once the Introduction session has been delivered all other sessions can 'stand alone' and be included in a whole school training programme. In addition to the core six sessions, two optional extra sessions are available also.


This introductory session includes developing knowledge through the Language for Learning model of speech, language and communication skills; typical language development; an introduction to the range of needs within SLCN and identification tools.

Processing Information & Instructions

Understanding why children with SLCN experience difficulty with verbal information and instructions; recognising children with these difficulties; improving your own communication skills and implementing, adapting and monitoring practical strategies.

Understanding the Meaning of Words

Understanding the complexity of developing vocabulary skills; recognising children with poor vocabulary and word knowledge; and implementing, adapting and monitoring strategies.

Social Communication Skills

Understanding the range of skills required to communicate and develop social relationships effectively; recognising young children experiencing specific difficulties in this area; and implementing, adapting and monitoring strategies in a variety of social and play contexts.

Activity Resource Trail

This practical session provides the opportunity to explore a range of commercial resources and materials; focusing on adaptation of resources to meet individual children's needs.


The final session is focused on a whole setting approach to meet the needs of children with SLCN; providing information about local services and support.

Optional Extras:

Structure & Rules

Understanding phonology and syntax; identifying developmental levels and the most appropriate time to develop skills in both areas; and implementing, adapting and monitoring strategies.

Memory & Language

Knowledge of different types of memory engaged in the learning process; the links between memory and language; how to identify specific memory problems; and implementing, adapting and monitoring strategies.

SENCO & TA Survival Courses:
We offer two half day introductory courses tailor made for SENCOs and TAs. These survival courses aim to fully equip SENCOs and TAs with a range of practical ideas. Each participant receives a canvas Language for Learning bag full of identification tools, practical resources, equipment and a handbook with additional photocopiable material.

TA Survival Course

This course is focused upon an introduction to SLCN, how to identify children and young people with SLCN and a range of practical strategies for TAs to use in the classroom. Leave the course with a bag full of equipment ready to use!

SENCO Survival Course

This course is focused upon the role of the SENCO; it provides a whole school approach, audit tools to consider whole school practice; identification tools for SLCN and key strategies for use across the school. SENCOs are provided with a demonstration kit of key strategies to use in their school setting.